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At FINCA DRC, we are always exploring ways through which we can deliver quality service that delights our customers.

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1286 Ave Tombalbaye
Entrée: au coin Ave Colonel Ebeya–Ave Hopital
BP 13447, Kinshasa 1
+243 8155 58 554

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FINCA eXpress Even Closer to Congolese

FINCA eXpress assessed with satisfaction  the second half of the year Partners FINCA eXpress owners of 24 communes of Kinshasa met with FINCA management to assess, six months later, progress and make a point about the contribution of this service

FINCA helps poor people in DRC

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is mineral-rich, but its citizens are by and large poor. Most banks generally consider poor customers too risky and too costly to give loans too. But now, even low-income people have a safe place to save money, earn interest and manage economic decisions.

FINCA DRC Celebrates 10 years

FINCA DRC first launched in 2003 amid a dangerous war zone and mistrust in the banking system. With tenets of warmth, trust, and responsible banking, FINCA DRC grew from serving a base of 5,000 clients in 2003 to serving over 100,000 loyal customers today.

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