FINCA DRC’s dedication to the poor has transformed the lives of thousands of Congolese.


2003 FINCA Democratic Republic of Congo was founded
FINCA DRC began operating in 2003, while the war was not officially over. The first loan was disbursed in May 2003. Until 2006, FINCA had only one product: the Village Banking, granted exclusively to women. The first Individual Credit was granted in May 2006. Until December 2006, Gombe and Masina branches were the two formal branches of FINCA DRC – the first operational branch outside Kinshasa was Matadi and began operations in September 2007. Later in 2008, FINCA opened the first branch in Katanga that was located in Lubumbashi.

2009 Introducing Savings
In June 1st of 2009, FINCA decided to enlarge the product panel introducing savings product in the market FINCA DRC currently has 19 branches located in 4 regions, with headquarters in Kinshasa. Since then, FINCA DRC has grown to become a household name among Congolese communities through its loan products and outstanding methods of credit in the market.

2011 Innovations
Continually innovating is one of the strengths of FINCA on the Congolese market. To date, the foundation has 320 POS FINCA eXpress scattered throughout rural and semi-urban areas to serve the most remote populations, reduce operating costs and educate rural populations on savings habits to improve their standard of living. This new technology was launched for the first time in June 2011 in the Gombe branch, and in September 2011 the first transaction out of branch was held in Maluku (rural areas of Kinshasa) to the great satisfaction of the people of this part of the capital.

2013 FINCA 10 years serving entrepreneurs in Congo
2003 – 2013, during 10 years FINCA has invested in transforming the lives of Congolese, reducing poverty, offering exceptional service and financial education. Since then, FINCA DRC has continued to grow until it currently expect total assets of $ 60,000,000 (sixty million US dollars) and serves more than 120,000 clients.